Alumni Board


As the primary representatives of Oglethorpe University’s alumni body, the Alumni Board works closely with the alumni office to achieve the association’s goal of establishing and encouraging an active and involved alumni network. The purpose of this network is to build mutually beneficial relationships between alumni, students, and the university, demonstrating that the student experience is just the beginning of a lifelong relationship with Oglethorpe.

Alumni Board 2023-24

Executive Board
President: Sarah Phaff ’10
Vice President of Communications: Stephen Johnson ’18
Vice President of Awards & Recognition: Brook Bourdelat-Parks Gorman ’95
Vice President of Events: Angela Satterfield ’97
Vice President of Career Development: Ayana Bryan ’03
Vice President of Student Engagement: Harrison McConnell ’12
Secretary: Charis Hanberry ’88

Jennifer Beaver ’02, Robert Cairns ’11, E-chia Huang Chihade ’98, Deborah Cardone Chosewood ’87, Mark DeLong ’03, Tony Golden ’13, Shahzaib Jiwani ’12, Russell Kramer ’09, Lary Lehmann ’80, Chris McFadden ’80, Katherine Peavy ’92, Amy Russ ’10, LaDonna Stallworth ’11, Heather Staniszewski ’02, Irasema Gonzalez Vargas ’08, Kimberly Watkins ‘02

Board Committees

The Alumni Board has six committees which include current Alumni Board members and alumni representatives not on the board.

  1. Advancement Committee
    The Advancement Committee shall assist the VPA and the OU Annual Fund Office in encouraging alumni support for the annual Oglethorpe Fund and other Committee activities; assist with the cultivation and orientation of new Board members. The Committee may assist with all duties of the VPA.
  2. Alumni Weekend and Events Committee
    The Alumni Weekend and Events Committee shall assist the VPAWE in organizing and implementing alumni events sponsored by the Association, including Alumni Weekend and its theme and programmatic elements. The Committee will encourage alumni attendance at events. The Committee may assist with all duties of the VPAWE.
  3. Awards and Recognition Committee
    The Awards and Recognition Committee shall assist the VPAR in selecting a slate of recipients of the annual Alumni Awards, which will be voted on by the Board. They will encourage alumni nominations and will complete a review of nominees before presenting the annual slate of recipients. The Committee may assist with all duties of the VPAR.
  4. Career Services Committee
    The Career Services Committee shall assist the VPCS in coordinating with the OU Career Services staff to align the professional expertise of alumni with students having similar career interests. Initiatives may include career panels, industry-focused dinners, resume review, mock interviews, and workshops or presentations. The Committee may assist with all duties of the VPCS.
  5. Communications Committee
    The Communications Committee shall contribute articles to alumni-related publications as appropriate and serve as the main communication channel for the Board and all of its committees. In addition, the Committee may meet with an advisory board comprised of alumni in the public relations field to seek counsel to strengthen alumni communication. The Committee may assist with all duties of the VPC.
  6. Student Engagement Committee
    The Student Engagement Committee shall encourage alumni involvement in new student recruitment, orientation, and campus life. Recruitment events may include college fairs, admitted student events such as Scholarship Weekend, and yield events. The Committee will support the annual student traditions sponsored by the Association and the OU Alumni Relations Office and serve as mentors for Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow (STAT) and the Young Alumni Club (YAC). The Committee may assist with all duties of the VPSE.”

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