Oglethorpe University continues to build on the strong foundation laid over the course of more than 180 years. This sense of permanence and purpose—of potential and progress—is the heart of inspired learning and inspired giving.


Oglethorpe University offers 70+ named scholarships. Many scholarships are offered to more than one student and, in some cases, to dozens of students. Scholarship values range from a few thousand dollars to full tuition. Recipients are selected based on criteria established by the scholarship donor and the university. Some scholarships are merit-based (general academic ability or an audition in drama or music, for example). Others are based on financial need.

Most scholarships awarded by the university are permanently endowed. Some are funded with significant annual contributions. Donors fund the full scholarships awarded as part of the James Edward Oglethorpe Scholarship competition. OU staff and trustees work together with interested, potential donors to add new scholarship dollars, which are more important as OU’s student enrollment continues to grow.

Campus Building Preservation

Oglethorpe’s historic Gothic campus is one of the college’s greatest assets – and one of its greatest challenges. These beautiful buildings reflect both distinct architecture and aging structures.

It’s critical that Oglethorpe’s beloved infrastructure is maintained and upgraded so there’s a balance between historic beauty and modern relevancy. Many classrooms need up-to-date technology and additional renovations for 21st-century learning. OU students need and deserve facilities that reflect the educational experience that is offered here. A gift to help preserve the iconic campus that is loved by so many also provides our students with leading-edge, experiential learning opportunities.