Areas to Support

Helping students learn, grow and thrive

We must act to leverage our success to bring our students a truly outstanding liberal arts and sciences education. Yet, this requires a significant investment in our students, faculty and campus. Together, we can meet this challenge to build a stronger Oglethorpe. If you give for the first time, or if you simply give a little more than you have in the past, you will help strengthen and support:

  • Oglethorpe students
  • Oglethorpe faculty
  • Oglethorpe’s campus
  • Oglethorpe’s annual fund

All factor prominently in our students’ success and the university’s future. We need your gift to make it happen. Every gift makes a difference. Give today and together we can do so much more.

Oglethorpe Annual Fund

The Oglethorpe Annual Fund is a vital source of support that helps Oglethorpe execute plans for growth and meet immediate needs. Used for scholarships, faculty support, and academic programs, the Oglethorpe Annual Fund has a profound impact on Oglethorpe’s financial security, reputation, and ability to raise other funds.

We have made strides in the number of donors and the amount of unrestricted funds available through this important effort. We need your help to continue serving the needs of our students, faculty and campus community. A gift to the Oglethorpe Annual Fund makes expanded learning opportunities for our students possible—opportunities that allow them to achieve their potential. And remember—while every dollar matters, every donor matters even more.

Senior Class Gift

Most students don’t know that tuition covers only a portion of the Oglethorpe experience. The University uses donations of all sizes to ensure that all students receive the best possible college experience. Part of this experience is the annual Senior Class Gift.

Each year, the graduating class comes together to make a gift in the amount of their class year.

By making a gift, seniors invent in Oglethorpe’s future and ensure that the extraordinary experiences they had continue for future students. We are so grateful for our senior donors and look forward to years of welcoming more senior donors.

Student Emergency Fund

Oglethorpe University is a home for every student. Today, you can help students who need a little help to feel at home by giving to the Student Emergency Assistance Fund. This fund helps OU students who are at risk of dropping out because of financial hardship. This fund is a safety net to help with food, books, and living expenses, so students can stay focused on classes and staying in school.