Eric Quinn ’13 Memorial

Eric Quinn stands next to a student athlete on the golf course,

Eric Quinn’s legacy at Oglethorpe University is multi-faceted and enduring. He will forever be remembered and recognized as an exemplary friend, a dedicated student-athlete, a passionate Stormy Petrels fan, a proud Oglethorpe University alumnus, and an influential coach. His impact on our community remains a cherished part of our history, and his memory will continue to inspire us for generations to come. It is the hope and goal of Oglethorpe University to recognize Eric for years to come.

In lieu of flowers, the family of Eric Quinn has kindly requested that donations be made to Oglethorpe University in his memory. Your contributions will help perpetuate Eric’s legacy and support the areas of Oglethorpe that held a special place in his heart. Please include Eric’s name in the note when making your gift, allowing us to commemorate his memory in a meaningful and lasting way. Your generosity will be a fitting tribute to his life and the values he held dear.

Help pave the way for what we aspire to be an enduring remembrance of Eric’s remarkable Stormy Petrel legacy by making your gift below.