Class of 2024 Senior Gift Campaign

Each year, the graduating class comes together to make a gift supporting an initiative special to them. It’s a special way for seniors to invest in Oglethorpe’s future to ensure that the extraordinary experiences they have had continue for future students. The goal is always for the class to reach 100% participation, and gifts of any size count toward this goal.

The Senior Class of 2024 is proud to announce that their Senior Gift Campaign is dedicated to raising funds to expand the inventory of Oglethorpe’s Career Development Career Closet.

The Career Closet helps to alleviate the stress of purchasing professional clothing for career fairs, interviews, and the workplace by welcoming students to obtain new and gently used professional attire for free to help them look and feel their best. Your support will help OU students be career-ready with confidence as they head out to make a difference in the world.

Every donation, no matter the amount, helps to build the culture of philanthropy at Oglethorpe. And, when you make your gift to this campaign, you help ensure that others in the Oglethorpe community have all that they need to thrive.

We invite every senior to donate to this initiative to leave a legacy of care and generosity as you come together to make a lasting impact.

Class of 2024 Senior Gift Donor Honor Roll

Veronica Aguirre
Tese Ajorgbor
Cass Ake
Kaitlynn Alford
Imani Alsobrook
Pamela Alvarado-Zarate
Melanie Alvarez
Anonymous (13)
Anna Argo
Yemmy Arimoro
Justin Armstrong
Heather Austin
Bianca Badeca
Hannah Banfiel
Rein Barcel
Daniela Barragan
Kaitlyn Bassett
Jackson Beheler
Carley Bell
Isabel Berlin
Sarah Bishop
Ambrose Blanchard
Elijah Blige
Alvaro Botto Barilli
Cameron Burkes
Natalie Camacho
Brandynn Campbell
Andrea Carlos
Joy Carpenter
Kirsten Carroll
Amanda Cason
Breya Castle
Grace Chapman
Jaely Chavez
Estela Chavez
Trinity Chism
Sarah Clayton
Maria Coles
Jenifer Contreras Gabriel
Danielle Corbin
Elizabeth Cortes
Joshua Cotom
Paola Couttolenc Duran
Aurelia Crumby
Zaira Cruz
Katie Cutts
Ernest Davis
Stokely Dennis
Brook Deutschman
Shae-Elise Dixon

Nicole Doge
Rachel Dolmovich
Alexia Dominguez-Leyva
Kendall Dunson
Marcus Egan
Ziya El
Tiara Evans
Sarah Karmer
Paria Foroughi Arani
LaChelle Loster
Wyaht Franco-Lopez
Morgan Frazier
Gabrielle Fritz
Lacey Frye
Heylin Galdamez
Michael Harris
Catherine Hartwig
Authoy Hossain
AJ Jackson
Paul Joignant
Lillian Jones
Shelby Jones
Sydney Jones
Kyla Jordan
Puja Kar
Philip Kargbo
Benedict Kargbo
Wynne Kelly
Bhavana Kunnath
Luetrell Langston
Piper Lashley
Brandon Lawhorn
Samantha LeBlanc
Lindsay Lerma
Jamie Lester
Haley Liddle
Haley Lowell
Charly Lugo Arroyo
Sarita Magallon
Mary Claire Malone
Mitzi Manzo Silva
Ethan Mathews
Liam McAvoy
Sam McCalla
Naima McHardy
Ashleigh McLish
Khadijah Mells
Win Meyer
Eleeza Mitchem
Ally Moir

Emily Moore
Ryland Moore
Tyriq Neal-LaBoard
Elerich Newbern
Lia Nieman
Taydan Norris
Alicia Nowak
Ona Nwabueze
Obinna Nwoke
Lauryn Oliver
Rebecca O’Neill
Randi Parks
Tylena Patton-Bullock
Kasandra Perez
Alyson Perrin
Géza Petes
Lizeth Ramírez
Aitana Regalado
Sofia Rivera-Navarro
Claudia Rosell
Cate Rosenthal
Brit Rosser
Gladis Ruiz
Amina Sahovic
Nechelle Samuel
Melanie Segura
Zahirah Shipman
Bridget Shirley
Casandra Slocum
Sophia Sobrino
Caroline Steinberg
Justin Stewart
Summer Stockard
Alex Swanson
Hussain Syed
Malaika Taylor
Bedria Tewfik
Suiani Tibola
Ian Tirevold
Nancy Tzintzun Zirangua
Jose Valtierra
Anthony Van Loo
Viviana Ventosilla
Alicia Walker
Borey Wan
Hannah Wilder
Jariyah Williams
Abi Wilson
Raul Yahuitl
Sophia Zimbardi

If your name is listed incorrectly, please contact Kerry Ayres-Smith.

Updated May 17, 2024