Class of 2024 Senior Gift Campaign

Each year, the graduating class comes together to make a gift supporting an initiative special to them. It’s a special way for seniors to invest in Oglethorpe’s future to ensure that the extraordinary experiences they have had continue for future students. The goal is always for the class to reach 100% participation, and gifts of any size count toward this goal.

The Senior Class of 2024 is proud to announce that their Senior Gift Campaign is dedicated to a new initiative on the Oglethorpe campus – Petey’s Closet.

Petey’s Closet is a vital initiative with two goals. The first goal of this initiative is to help combat clothing insecurity on our campus by offering essential items to students in need. The second goal is to help advocate for responsible consumption and to work towards reducing clothing waste in the Oglethorpe community.

Every donation, no matter the amount, helps to build the culture of philanthropy at Oglethorpe. And, when you make your gift to this campaign, you help ensure that others in the Oglethorpe community have all that they need to thrive.

We invite every senior to donate to this initiative to leave a legacy of care and generosity as you come together to make a lasting impact.